What Can I Do With This Major?

Career Paths for Literature and Language Majors 

Writing (creative writing, professional writing, journalism, freelance, technical writing, social media management, broadcast media, grant writing)

Editing and Publishing (university presses, trade / consumer publishers, newspapers, magazines, broadcast media, government agencies)

Law (private practice, public interest organizations, mediation, state and local government)

Teaching (public or private K-12 settings, English as a Second Language, independent tutor)

Library / Information Sciences (research assistant, archivist, web editor)

Non Profit (fundraising, grant writer, social activist, research, social media relations)

For additional career options for Literature and Language majors, review this list


Versatile Skillset of Literature and Language Majors

Literature and Language majors are equipped for numerous career paths given their expertise in reading, researching, and writing about complex information. Many of our graduates pursue advanced degrees in literature, cultural studies, creative writing, rhetoric, and law. We also have alumni who transition to the nonprofit world (as social organizers or grant writers) and to the corporate world (as administrators, public relation professionals, and technical writers). The specialized skillset of Literature and Language majors includes the ability to:

  • Think critically
  • Read and interpret complex texts
  • Consider cultural contexts in meaningful ways
  • Develop arguments based on evidence and for specific audiences
  • Write with style and rhetorical effect
  • Develop research projects using digital and traditional sources
  • Write using multiple technologies
  • Organize and manage large and small scale writing projects