Creative Writing Concentration

The Creative Writing concentration offers students support in developing their writing through a sequence of workshops combined with literature surveys, genre studies, and a selection of special topics courses. The goal of the program is to foster confident undergraduate writers who work with a sound knowledge of their own literary tradition and who can produce works of publishable quality.

Students receive individual assistance in understanding and extending their skills in writing poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and/or playwriting, with responsibility for growth and achievement resting ultimately on the student. The instructor will encourage, critique, suggest opportunities, and recommend authors to read, but the students themselves provide the spark and will to progress.

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing with Teaching Licensure

The Creative Writing with Teaching Licensure track is designed especially for prospective teachers. This special curriculum supplements the core requirements of the concentration in creative writing to prepare students in the broad range of areas expected of English teachers, including literature, composition, and the history of the English language. This program has rigorous requirements, and planning ahead is wise. Student teaching, the senior thesis, and comprehensive exams all converge in the senior year, along with other courses that may be needed outside the major. Students who undertake this path need to work closely with their advisors to ensure their success.

Creative Writing Minor

Students may minor in Creative Writing by completing 20 hours of specified courses, including LANG 260 and LIT 240, 4 hours from LIT 325, 326, 327 or 330, and 8 additional hours from LANG 361, 363, 365, or 366. Students can declare a minor online.