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The design of the Department of English’s Curriculum prioritizes student choice while offering flexibility for our faculty. Our curriculum includes an Introduction course (LIT 240 for all English majors and, for English majors with a concentration in Creative Writing, also LANG 260) and three Survey courses (LIT 334, 335, 324) required of all English majors. The rest of the required curriculum for Literature and Creative Writing majors is organized into menu categories:

  • All English majors choose one course in the category of Genre (LIT 325, 326, 327, 330). Creative Writing minors also take a Genre course. 
  • English majors with a concentration in Literature or creative writing also take one course in the Culture and Identity category (LIT 328, 329, 361, 346, 364, 363, 369). English majors with Teaching Licensure are exempted from this required category, but are encouraged to take one as an elective.
  • Literature majors take TWO Seminars (LIT 440, 484, 488, 490). English with Teaching Licensure majors take ONE Seminar. The Seminar functions as a capstone experience for Literature majors. Creative Writing majors enjoy their own capstone, LANG 494: Senior Seminar in Creative Writing, but they are, of course, welcome to take Literature Seminars as electives. 
  • Literature majors are also required to take two LIT electives of their choice. 
  • Creative writing majors and Creative Writing with Teaching Licensure majors take THREE courses, in at least two different genres, from the Creative Writing Workshop category: (LANG 361, 363, 365, 366, 374). LANG 374 is a Special Topics Creative Writing Workshop that covers hybrid and minor genres not included in the workshops devoted to the traditional genres of poetry, fiction, playwrighting, and creative non-fiction.
  • Teaching Licensure majors and Professional Writing and Rhetoric minors have their own requirements to fulfill, e.g., LANG 395 and LANG 396. 

Consult our Registration Newsletter, which is updated each semester before registration begins, for documents that clearly lay out the requirements of each concentration in the English major. 

Courses within our menu categories change topics depending on the assigned instructor. Below you will find flyers advertising the specific course offerings for the upcoming semester, as well as an archive of past course offerings.


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