Language 120 Course Description and Student Learning Outcomes

Language 120 Course Description

This course emphasizes writing as a tool of discovery and analysis; practice in active, critical reading; and attention to audience, purpose, and structure. It also introduces students to writing conventions of various discourse communities. A grade of C- or better is required. Fall and Spring.

Language 120 Course Student Learning Outcomes

At the completion of LANG 120, students will have developed writing processes to:

  • Engage in critical inquiry and reflection: Discover and refine critical questions and problems and investigate them from multiple perspectives.
  • Develop information literacy: Access, evaluate, and integrate relevant information from a variety of sources in an ethical manner.
  • Communicate in rhetorically effective ways: Craft and revise written work marked by choices in focus, structure, and style appropriate for rhetorical purposes, audience expectations, and disciplinary conventions.