Internships & Scholarships


Internships are a great opportunity to diversify a student's professional profile and to showcase the specialized skillset of Literature and Language students. The department works in collaboration with the UNC Asheville Career Center to design placements in acquisitions, marketing, copyediting, content writing, and/or social media management with local publishers, non-profits, and businesses. 

At the beginning and end of each semester, we offer an internship information session. The next internship information session is scheduled for Tuesday, August 18 at 5 PM

Steps to Proposing / Applying For An Internship

  1. Attend an internship information session. This should happen in the semester prior to the semester in which you wish to complete the internship.
  2. Select an internship site. A current list of internship opportunities is in the mailbox outside Karpen Hall 213, Dr. A. Wray's office. Students can also review RockyLink to see additional internship sites. Access the Career Center Internship page for additional internship sites and procedural information.
  3. Prepare internship application information and required paperwork. Not all internship sites require a separate application, so read the description carefully; take note of any deadlines and special requirements. 
  4. Sign and return Internship Agreement form (handed out at information session).
  5. Meet with Dr. Wray with all paperwork signed and completed. Students need an instructor override to sign up for an internship. I'll print the registration form for you and we can complete it together. Email Dr. Wray at for an appointment.
  6. Schedule regular "check in" sessions for the semester of the internship. Interns will meet with Dr. Wray at regular intervals to "check in" about your learning and work. These dates will be established when we first meet and sign paperwork.​

Student Scholarships & Awards

The Department awards a variety of writing prizes annually for essays, fiction, poetry, and drama, including:

  • the Carl Sandburg Poetry Prize
  • the Francis P. Hulme Drama Prize
  • the Wilma Dykeman Award for University Writing
  • the Jeff Rackham Award
  • the Comfort Scholarship
  • the Topp/Grillot Scholarship
  • the Olivia J. Gudger First-Year Writing Award
  • the Gullickson Award to the outstanding rising senior
  • the Bryan Award for best senior paper
  • the Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize