Gudger Celebrations

Professor Dee James, Director of the Writing Program, opens the Fall 2016 Gudger Celebration of First-Year Writing.

The Gudger Celebration of First-Year Writing, named for former UNCA professor Peggy Jo Gudger, is an opportunity for students to showcase their work in LANG 120 as a multimodal presentation for an audience of peers and instructors. To access a list of presentations with links to videos, please refer to the accordion menus below.

In the image above, Professor Dee James, retired Director of the Writing Program, opens the Fall 2016 Gudger Celebration of First-Year Writing.

Spring 2018

"Mayberry Undercover,” by Zach Thomas and Bow Rudolph."

"Abstracts in Environmental Studies" by Olivia Baer.

"Creating a Cycle: Race and Rhetoric in the Media" by Sofia Medola.

"Trial by Fire: The Kristine Bunch Story" by Morgan Thornton, Taylor Love, Berrett Brand, Isaac Revia, Mark Griffith, Kristal Rodriguez, Chase Foreman, Keeley Peek, Laruen Bonet, Kellie Lucas, Jacob Boneau, Chloe Carter, Jasmine Washington, and William Nicks.

"Test Anxiety: A Butterfly in Your Stomach? Or An Elephant?" by Jaelyn Blake.

"Engineering Isn't Just Building - It's a Language" by Vinson Williams.

"The Invisible Opioid Epidemic: How Pharmaceutical Companies Profit from Native American Lives" by Aidan Wallace.

"Kristine Bunch: A Tale of Corruption" by Damon Badgett, Raven Bernard, Ian Boyer, Albert Chow, Daniel Dor-El, Jo Anna Epstein, Jack Frederick, Sonny Helms, Andy Hill, Tyler Keller, Britni Landoff, talent, Maya Mahato, Jack McCarthy, Mikal McKee, Nadya Schafer, and Mars Strausbaugh.

"The Polarization of American Politics" by John Dunham.

"It Couldn’t Happen Here" by Kathleen Curlee and Jennifer Walls.

Spring 2017

"The Collaborative" by Hunter Newman, Christopher Avino, Noah Wolfe, Bryanna White, Jesse Miller, Jarrett Gingrich, Evan Craig, Samuel Peterson, Stephanie Thompson, Wayne McCullough, Baylee Gibson, Roshique Jones, Kelso Kelso, Aaron Lowe, Blaine Lowery.

"The Future of Work and the Social Implications of Technology" by Kathleen Cameron.

"Imagism" by Audrey Sturdahl.

"The Importance of Barbeque" by Adee Weller.

"The Inklings" by Blue Gonzalez.

"A Natural Privilege: Is Happiness Really Possible for Everyone?" by Taylor Malajati.

"Pleasure vs Happiness" by Anzy Musewicz.

"RED" by by Jillian Owens, Dave Huffstetler, Anna Jowaisas, Morgan Conville.

"Sex with Richard" by Rosie Garris, Grace Mott, Miranda Bucher, and John Czysz.

"Taste of Waste" by Zac Lopez-Ibanez, Catherine Thompson, Justin Brown, and Emery Sloan.

Fall 2016

"Battlefield of the Mind" by Jasmine Cox.

"Beating the Street" by Daniel Bustillo.

"Do All Lives Matter in Asheville?" by Bella Jackson.

"Happiness and Wealth" by Claire Griffin.

"Happiness in Hell" by Sawyer Reinhardt.

"Homelessness and Healthcare in Asheville" by Kendall Conrad.

"#MediaChildHood" by Alaina Smith.

"What's the Deal with Farm to Table Restaurants?" by Ally Hibbitts.