General Campus Information for Instructors

General Campus Information for Instructors

Identification cards

UNC Asheville’s OneCards are the official ID cards for the university. The OneCard allows access to full Ramsey Library and Fitness Center privileges, discounts on tickets to university and community events, and transportation services such as free rides on Asheville Transit and bicycle rentals at the UNC Asheville Cycle Shop. The OneCard office is located at 120 Highsmith University Union.

Parking and Shuttle Services

All faculty members who drive to campus must pay an annual fee for parking, unless they park in one of the designated free lots adjacent to campus. Current information can be found at:

campus shuttle

Mailboxes, Offices, Copies, and Email

All full and part-time faculty have mailboxes in the Literature and Language Department Office, Karpen Hall 223. All mail, memos, announcements and material processed by the secretary are left in mailboxes. Boxes for drop off and pick up of student papers are located outside each office. Students should clearly identify themselves and put the instructor's name on all assignments they leave there, especially if it's an office shared with another faculty member. All faculty will be assigned a computer and a campus e-mail account through which most departmental and university notices will be sent.  

Dawn at her desk

• The department assistant Dawn McCann, will help set up all office assignments, e-mail accounts, and office voice mail. She is an invaluable resource for all information pertaining to the department.

• Copying is more expensive than printing, and printing is more expensive than making material available electronically. The department machines are available for copying and printing when necessary, but if posting material online is possible, that should be the first course of action. The secretary and student assistants can help scan materials into the Unity files for adding to class websites, and the library will put printed works on traditional or electronic reserve for all classes.     

• A student office assistant is often available to help with scanning or printing of documents or to return books to the library.  Brian in office