Terry Roberts

Class of 1977

Terry Roberts is a practicing scholar in American Literature and has been the Director of the National Paideia Center for eighteen years. His Ph.D. is in American Literature, with a focus on cultural and literary studies. He has written widely on inquiry-based instruction, specifically the Paideia Seminar and the Paideia Project (product- or performance-based unit planning). He is the primary author of The Power of Paideia Schools (ASCD, 1998) and the co-author, with Laura Billings, of Teaching for Understanding: the Paideia Classroom (Eye on Education, 1998), as well as numerous articles on teaching literacy and critical thinking through dialogue. His latest book with Laura Billings is titled Teaching Critical Thinking: Using Seminars for 21st Century Literacy (Eye on Education, Dec 2011). His first novel, titled A Short Time to Stay Here, set in Western North Carolina during the first World War, was published in summer of 2012. In May, 2012, it was named "the best book of fiction set in the southern United States," as Terry received the 2012 Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction.