Merritt Moseley

Professor Emeritus
Dr. Moseley retired in June 2016.

2015-16 is my 38th year on the UNC Asheville faculty. I enjoy teaching and students and I particularly enjoy teaching a variety of different things, including new things. I have historically often taught the  department’s major survey courses and Readings in Fiction, as well as special topics from time to time. Jane Austen, whose novels I am teaching in a Major Author course in Fall, 2015, is a particular favorite. I have also taught for many years in the Humanities program, all the courses but usually in 124, The Ancient World.

My scholarship in recent years has been focused on contemporary British novelists; I’ve published books on David Lodge, Kingsley Amis, Julian Barnes and Michael Frayn, and am the editor of the Dictionary of Literary Biography volumes on British Novelists Since 1960 (four volumes, the most recent appearing in 2003) and Booker Prize Novels, 1969-2005. My most recent book publication was Pat Barker: A Reader's Guide to Essential Criticism, published by Palgrave Macmillan in July, 2014 and the next is Understanding Jonathan Coe (in press; it will be published by the University of South Carolina Press in 2016).

Before the Pat Barker book I published The Academic Novel: New and Classic Essays, by Chester Academic Press (England), 2007. I review books regularly, too, and this along with my own scholarship keeps me reading a great deal of recent fiction which, fortunately, is one of the things I most love to do. In June 2008 I was one of the keynote speakers at a conference called Julian Barnes and the European Tradition at Liverpool Hope University, which led to a book chapter called "Crossing the Channel: Europe and the Three Uses of France in Julian Barnes's Talking it Over," published in Julian Barnes: Contemporary Critical Perspectives (London, 2011).

In May and June, 2014, I was a keynote speaker at two conferences in Romania: "East-West Cultural Passage Conference: Changing Places," at Lucien Blaga University in Sibiu; and "Small World: Campus Fiction--Insular or Global?" at the University of Bucharest. In May, 2015, I was a keynote speaker at a symposium called The Life & Work of Jonathan Coe, at the University of London.


Huntingdon College (Alabama), B.A. 1970

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M.A. 1971; Ph.D. 1978.


Courses Taught (since 2010)

Humanities 124

Literature 241 Introduction to Poetry

Literature 323 Romantic to Modern

Literature 324 American Literary Tradition

Literature 326 Readings in Fiction

Literature 335 Enlightenment to Modern

Literature 349 Contemporary Literature

Literature 356 The Art of the Novel

Literature 368 Russian Literature

Literature 445 Studies in the Nineteenth Century: Mark Twain

Literature 488 Jane Austen

Literature 489 George Eliot

Literature 491 Senior Seminar in Literature



UNCA Alumni Distinguished Faculty Award

UNCA Service Award

Ruth and Leon Feldman Award for Outstanding Scholarship

North Carolina Board of Governors Teaching Award