Katherine Min

Associate Professor
202 Karpen Hall, CPO 2130
Currently on Leave
I come to teaching from my background as a practicing fiction writer and journalist, and therefore my teaching philosophy tends to be fairly pragmatic. My belief is that writing is thinking, that as human beings we can all benefit from knowing how to clearly express ourselves through written language. Beyond this, I find great joy in exploring the ways that writing can open the world to students. I believe in teaching as a two-way connection, like the battery between a pitcher and a catcher. You need to figure out what your students are trying to communicate, and go where they are to help them communicate it.

My emphasis is on writing as a way of paying attention, to seeing more carefully, and therefore living with greater awareness. I care deeply about language and believe it is crucial, especially in this age of Internet and cable television, to rescue it from the sloppiness and inattention of media speak.


Columbia University M.S. in Journalism

Amherst College B.A. in English Literature

Recent Publications


"Secondhand World," paperback, Anchor Books, February 2008

"Secondhand World," a novel, Alfred A. Knopf, October 2006


Two creative writing exercises in "Naming the World: And Other Exercises for the Creative Writer," ed. by Bret Anthony Johnston, Random House, 2008


“Courting a Monk,” reprinted in "Literature for Composition," ed. by Sylvan Barnet, Longman, Inc., 2003; "The Pushcart Book of Stories: The Best Short Stories of a Quarter-Century of the Pushcart Prize, 2002; Coming to America," Danish ESL text, 2002; "Introduction to Literature, 12th Edition", Addison Wesley Longman, Inc., 2000

“The One Who Goes Farthest Away,” in "Mastering the FCAT, Reading, Grade 10, Social Studies Content, 2002; Worlds of Fiction," Macmillan, 1993

Short Stories

“Miscegenation,” in River Styx: 30th Anniversary issue, forthcoming, 2010

“The Music Lover,” in LONG STORY SHORT, ed. by Marianne Gingher, UNC Press, 2009

“The Liberation of a Face,” in TriQuarterly, Winter 2001/2002

“Scruteless,” in River Styx, January 2001

“Sucky Karma Blues,” in Byline, November 2000

“Eyelids,” in The Threepenny Review, Summer 1996

“Courting A Monk,” in TriQuarterly, Winter 1996 Listed as one of 100 distinguished stories in The Best American Short Stories 1997

Awarded a Pushcart Prize, 1998

Reprinted in Sheaf, (Sheffield, England), Winter 1995

Reprinted in Asian Pacific American Journal, Fall 1994

“Oriental Sex Kittens for a Nuclear-Free Zone,” in MoonRabbit Review, Winter 1995

“My Lover’s Wife,” in Prairie Schooner, Winter 1995

“Salt Lake,” in Another Chicago Magazine, Fall 1995

“K-Boy and 2 Bad,” in TriQuarterly, Winter 1994

“In a Foreign Country,” in Confrontation, Winter 1994

“Brother,” in HWF, Summer 1993

“Objects,” in Glimmer Train, Summer 1993

“Expatriate,” in Salmon Magazine, Spring 1992

“Greengrocer,” in Descant, Spring 1992

“Blonde,” in Beloit Fiction Journal, Spring 1992

“Spinning,” in The Chattahoochee Review, Winter 1991

“The Girl Who Loved Dylan,” in Iris, Winter 1990

“Eulogy,” in The Bridge, Winter 1990

“Danny,” in Ploughshares, Fall 1990

“Trick,” in The Dominion Review, Spring 1990

“The One Who Goes Farthest Away,” in Special Report: Fiction, Summer 1990

"The Brick,” in River Styx, Summer 1990

Courses Taught

LANG 463 Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop

LIT 356 Art of the Novel

ARTS 310 Murder and the Imagination

LSIC 179 Sports and Literature

LIT 373 Asian American Literature