Scholarships & Awards

The Department awards prizes annually for academic achievement, fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and drama, including:

  • The Comfort Scholarship for Most Promising Student in Creative Writing
  • The Topp-Grillot Scholarship for ​Strongest Students of Poetry​
  • The Jeff Rackham Award for Strongest Graduating Literature-Teaching Licensure Student
  • The Gerald Gullickson Award for Top Rising Senior
  • The Virginia Bryan Award for Best Senior Paper
  • The Francis P. Hulme Drama Prize

An additional prize is reserved for first-year writing students:

The Olivia J. Gudger First-Year Writing Award

Other awards are offered for contributions to Headwaters:

  • The Kenneth Noland Award in Art
  • The Carl Sandburg Award in Poetry
  • The Wilma Dykeman Award in Nonfiction
  • The Thomas Wolfe Fiction Prize