What’s Your Genre?

Since humanity began, people have told stories to explore and explain what it means to be human. The English Department is a supportive community of readers, writers and scholars contributing to this ever-changing story, shaping the world with words.

Through discussion-based classes and individual and group projects, English majors learn how to analyze texts, think critically, and communicate their ideas. Faculty are active in publishing scholarly and creative works, and they bring notable writers to campus for readings and discussions. Many students take on internships, contribute to the university’s literary journal, Headwaters, and join in Asheville’s vibrant writing community.

What You’ll Learn

Fiction, drama, and poetry from around the world will become part of your world, along with the foundations of Western literature in the Greek and Hebrew eras, and the latest contemporary works. English majors see how literature is shaped by its cultural and historical context, and vice versa. Those who focus on creative writing learn to critique in small workshop classes and craft a manuscript of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, or drama in their final semesters. Our graduates enjoy meaningful careers as teachers, professional writers, journalists, entrepreneurs, and more, and you can earn teacher licensure as part of your studies.